14 December, 2013

Blogmas 2013 Week 2: Christmas Nails

It's time for Blogmas week 2! Christmas nails are always hard for me, seeing as I'm not particularly adventurous or skilled at nail art. But I gave it a go and I am actually quite inspired now. I created five options for Christmas nails; hopefully at least one to everyone's liking.

Little finger - This is NYX Collection Noir (about £2.00). I do love red for Christmas, but imagine if you are wearing an outfit that requires a pretty basic polish, you cannot go wrong with black. And the subtle gold glitter in the polish makes it that bit more festive, doesn't it?

Ring finger - This one is sporting Essie's Mademoiselle (£7.99). A pinky nude is always classy, and this is the perfect one for my skin tone. This is a no-fuss polish, so if I run late with makeup/hair/outfit - and I probably will - I'll do a coat of this and I'll be good to go.

Middle finger - Next is something which can be an accent nail or for each nail. It's a red base which I bought in H&M last Christmas, but any bright red will do. Then I drew a line and a few dots with Barry M's Matt White (£2.99) et voilĂ , your nail looks like a present.

Index finger - This is probably my favorite. The base of the nail is Essie After School Boy Blazer (£7.99). Then I drew a little snow flake using Barry M's Matt White and a tooth pick. It's a very subtle snow flake though, and I love this as an accent nail.

Thumb - It is not all too visible, but this is a bright red (again the H&M polish) with a shimmery red top coat (also from H&M, but many brands do them). I wore this last Christmas on my nails and I loved it. It is so christmassy and pretty. 

What are your festive nails picks?