28 April, 2014

April 2014 Favorites

I guess Spring is here to stay after all, which makes me so happy. This month I, again, have some beauty favorites, as well as a random and a book favorite.
Beauty favorites: The Garnier Miracle Skin Cream (£12.99) is on review next. So come back for ravings on my love for it. The L'Oréal Color Riche in Nouvelle Vague (£4.99): genius name - who else loves nouvelle vague films? - genius color. White-ish lavender is very S/S. The KMS California Hair Play (£12.35) is a spray wax. Perfect, as I hate sticking my fingers in wax - ignore the innuendo.
Book favorite: This goes out to The White Princess by Philippa Gregory. It is the fifth in the series about the Cousins' War. I love the history of the British Royals, so this is right up my alley. I hope she will write just one more to the Cousins' War, so I can then move to the Tudor dynasty.
Random favorite: And a very random favorite this month it is; it being a poem. If by Rudyard Kipling (the author of Jungle Book). If is a poem in the form of paternal advice about how to be a 'man'. Obviously I'm not a man, but you can generalize it to how to be a 'human'.  It is a good reminder of values to treasure. If you don't know it, do have a read. It'll strike a chord for sure.
That's all for me this April. What are some of your favorites?
P.S.: Can you tell I studied English literature? It never really leaves you...