07 April, 2014

The Review: Tanya Burr Lips And Nails

It's been a good two months since beauty blogger and YouTube Queen Tanya Burr launched her very own lips and nails products. I, of course, ordered some right away. I picked up two lip glosses: Chic and Afternoon Tea (both £6.99) So, what is my verdict?
COLOR - Chic is a nude slightly darker than my own lips, while Afternoon Tea is a more pink version of my own lips. The pigmentation of the glosses is spot on: both provide a true color that comes close to the pigmentation of a lipstick. They are also glitter free, which is my preference.
FEEL - The glosses are not sticky at all - hoorah - and feel very smooth and moisturizing, because  they contain beeswax and shea butter.
LASTING POWER - Glosses aren't known for their lasting power, and these are no exception. I would say these last a good couple of hours, so not bad at all compared to other glosses.
PACKAGING - Very sleek and sophisticated. The glosses come in a clear plastic packaging with a black cap. The top of the cap also has a little heart on it, which is both a cute detail and makes them stand out amongst other lip products in your collection.
My overall verdict? A big two thumbs up. I've been using both glosses a lot the past couple of weeks and I am sure I will enjoy them for a long time. Well done Tanya!