08 September, 2014

Favorite Five: Foundations

My first post on Beauty and Rambles covered my most-loved foundations; I thought it was due an update by now. My preferred coverage depends on the state of my skin, what I'm up to and... well, my mood - I'm a girl, so that's allowed. In short, these five all have their own purpose and coverage.

Origins Vitazing (€38.00) - This is a 'sheer tint release'. It give minimal coverage, but the tint sinks into your skin and makes its overall appearance better, without giving noticeable coverage.

Revlon Nearly Naked in Shell (€12.00) - This has the same, watery consistency as my favorite base, MAC Face and Body, which blends into the skin. For daily use, it's between this and Vitazing.

Bourjois Happy Light in 51 (€15.00) - It gives a light to medium coverage, depending on application. It's dewy, but long lasting (it stayed put for over 10 hours the day my sister gave birth).

Rimmel Match Perfection in Ivory (€9.09) - This is about as high a coverage as I like; a medium  - but buildable - coverage. I very much like the feel of this on my skin, because it does not feel heavy at all. This is my staple winter-time foundation. Here you can read my full review on it.

bareMinerals Original in N10 (€32.50) - On days when I'm not feeling liquid foundation, this is my savior. It's quick, covers well, looks natural and stays put like no one's business.

What are some of your favorite bases?