13 October, 2014

The Review: Maggs London Makeup Bag

#SundaynightwiththeMichalaks is my Sunday ritual. As a viewer of Hannah's channel from the start, I am so happy for her, Stef and Gracie's succes. She released her own beauty bag range recently. So of course, I picked up the Grayson bag, in honor of little Gracie.

All of the Maggs London bags are handmade in London. This does reflect in the price (ranging from £19.95 to £24.95); but it is a fair price, seeing as they feel expensive and are beautifully crafted.

The bags have a Maggs tag and come with a hand-written note saying 'Work hard, stay humble'; I love personal touches like this. They have a handy white waterproof fabric lining and are also quite spacious, making them great for both daily use as well as for traveling.

Verdict: Yay or Nay?
If you have been loving Hannah's videos for a while and are doubting whether to purchase one of the bags, I can honestly say I highly recommend them. Every time I spot them in my hand bag, I smile. 

Other than that, if you are just looking for a good quality makeup bag, I would recommend these bags as well. They feel great, they look great, and they are definitely more unique than other makeup bags.

Do you own any of the Maggs London bags? Which one is your favorite?

Sadly the Grayson bag is completely sold out and Liberty's has discontinued the fabric. But do have a look at the other Maggs London bags (I especially love the Serendipity and The Henly).