10 August, 2015

Wanderings : Copenhagen and Aarhus

Last month marked my very first steps on Scandinavian grounds : the BF, my auntie, uncle and me visited Copenhagen and Aarhus. I soon figured out I am a born Scandinavian.

With 24 hours to visit Copenhagen, we made the most of it by walking around to admire the views and took a canal tour to really take in the sights of this stunning city.

Recommendations : Christianshavn and its chilled-out vibe for a coffee break; Nyhavn and its colorful houses (mind the tourist trap cafes!); a canal tour to get great views of Den Sorte Diamand, the Opera House and the architectural gems along the water; the area around Ostergade for shops; and having smørrebrød for lunch at Royal Smushi or Peder Oxe.

Copenhagen is a joy to visit. It's clean, safe and the people are beautiful. We loved the language and our attempts to translate it - speaking Dutch comes in handy for once! 

This city just stole my heart. I wish we had an extra day just to explore and walk the streets. Aarhus is the little sister of Copenhagen and Denmark's second popular city.

Recommendations : the Radhuset, designed by Møller and Jacobsen and a gorg example of Danish design; a relaxing walk along the Aboulevarden by the water; the Latin Quarter for great food (Langhoff og Juul and Drudenfuss); and the Aros museum for original exhibitions, a fluorescent smoke room, a giant Boy, never mind the architecture of the museum itself!

My love affair with Scandinavia will surely continue in the future. In fact, I am visiting Stockholm with my bestie this week. So stay tuned for more Scandinavian goodness!