21 December, 2015

Blogmas 2015 # 3 : Holiday Baking (Gingerbead Men)

My first attempt at Christmas baking in our very own apartment went rather snazzy, if I do say so myself. I especially love the one with the bow tie. (Let's just ignore the unfortunate 'bump' one of my gingerbread men has in his private area, shall we?)

After lots of research, I decided to go with Sally from Sally's Baking Addiction's recipe. Her little gingerbread men look the cutest and most delicious, don't they?! Making the dough and baking them was very easy, you just have to set time aside, because the dough needs to set for three hours and up to three days in the fridge.

I absolutely loved making these whilst listening to Michael Bublé's Christmas album on repeat!

Do you do holiday baking? What do you bake?