18 April, 2016

READING REVERIES : What I've Read So Far In 2016

I started of 2016 wanting to read more (as per usual). Being a graduate lit student, I have two issues : first, I've had to read a lot during my years at university, meaning I took a 'break' once I graduated; second, those years at uni I was told what to read and, once on my own, I didn't really know where to look. 2016 is the year I start reading for fun again.
As a little inspiration board, I decided to take the PopSugar Reading Challenge, which has got many different and original categories to choose from. Here's what I've read so far :
A book that is becoming a movie this year : The Revenant by Michael Punke (**)
My love for Leonardo DiCaprio is big; I knew I wanted to read this before the movie came out. I have to say this did make a big impression on me; the way this man survived, all by himself, shows some serious skill and survival instinct. You can read my full review on this here.
A book that is less than 150 pages : A Study In Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle (**)
I've had classes on Doyle and Sherlock Holmes and as much as I admire the stories and recognize the intrigue, I just didn't absolutely love this the way I know others do. I'm not into that realism / modernism writing style. However, I love the character of Sherlock and the way Doyle has constructed him. Not quite three stars, but I enjoyed it.
A book from Oprah's Book Club : The Reader by Bernhard Schlink (***)
Oddly enough it was hard to pick a book from O's book club. I liked the way this story unfolded: its simplicity and hardness is very unique. The main character Michael is quirky and caring and I loved his mind. Stories that involve the Holocaust interest me a lot as well, though it certainly isn't exploited here.
A murder mystery : The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold (***)
I loved this from start to finish and would highly recommend it to anyone. This story is just filled with love and real-life emotions and I couldn't put it down. It's such an interesting twist on a murder mystery, since you know the murderer from the get go. The way this unravels is just too beautiful for words. Goosebumps.
A book you can finish in a day : We Should All Be Feminists by Ngozi Adichie (***)
Feminism is a hot topic nowadays; a word that carries a lot of negative energy, even amongst women, to the point where you feel afraid when you call yourself a feminist. This short story explains it just as it is, and it covers all angels. If everyone read this and took this to heart, I truly believe the world would be a better place for all of us.
A book that is based on a fairy tale : Cinder by Marissa Meyer (**)
Boy, was this category hard. I started this with a lot of doubt. Cyborgs? Not really my thing. However, the story surprised me. I grew to absolutely love Cinder and would read a whole series on her if it were possible. The story ends very openly, so I'm kind of hoping another one will be written at some point. Don't let the cyborg thing put you off. 

What have you read so far? Any recommendations?