09 January, 2017

Lipsticks For Every Occasion

At the moment, I'm very much into my matte lipsticks. And I think I've found pretty much the perfect shade for every mood. What if I just want something simple? Got it. What if I want to wear something a little more bold, but not a red? Check. What if I want to wear a staple red? No worries. What if it's A/W and I want something more berry/wine-toned? Done.  
The first one on my list is MAC's Whirl. I saw this in one of Tanya Burr's tutorial's a while back and fell in love. It's the perfect dark nude/brown/90's shade. And most importantly: it's bold but not unwearable. Also, it stays put but wears down beautifully as well. My next favorite is a more recent purchase. Though I love Patisserie and will always wear it, it's just not know for its longevity. Bobbi Brown's Heather Pink is basically the matte sister of Patisserie. I guess this one is closest to my own lip shade, so I bust it out on days I know I won't be able to touch up or when I'll eat or drink a lot - read, most days.On to the reds! Estée Lauder's Restless (aka Kendall Jenner's shade) is my I-feel-so-amazing-in-my-own-skin lipstick. I put it on and it's an immediate confidence boost, even on sick days. It stays put through everything, but doesn't feel uncomfortable. And it's so pretty. So, so pretty.My dark red was something I searched long and hard for. My lips are naturally tinted, and they make every dark red seem more bright. I wanted a dark wine shade, just borderline dark brown, without it looking like I smeared Nutella all over my mouth - which does happens on occasion any way, tbh.  MAC's Sin is the perfect one for me. It's dark, it's matte, it's stunning. The perfect A/W shade.Don't make me choose between these four, 'cause I literally couldn't. They're always in my bag, like little companions for every mood or event. I'm so happy with them.