19 October, 2013

The Review: L'Oréal Skin Perfection Range

About a month ago, I started using the L'Oréal Skin Perfection range, namely the serum (£16.99) and moisturizer (£14.99). They pretty pink glass bottles make them feel luxurious - glass is always a sign of fanciness right. They look pretty, but how do they perform?
Serum - Has a light consistency. It contains 30ml of product (like many serums) and has a pump, so it's easy to take the amount you want. Two pumps are enough to cover my entire face.
Moisturizer - This is also very light and absorbs immediately. You get 50ml, which is a standard amount. Its slight pink color may contribute to the 'awakening' effect it has on my skin.
Scent - Both products do have a very distinct scent, which could possibly irritate sensitive skin types. It didn't break me out at all, but I don't have particularly sensitive skin.
Usage - After more than a month's use, both the serum and moisturizer still have about 3/4 of product left. Which is pretty good, considering I apply them generously.
Results - I don't suffer from acne so it's hard to report on that, but I do have acne scars. I can't say that I've noticed a remarkable difference after a month, although I didn't expect any miracles on that front. However, my skin has an overall better quality at the moment. It glows and feels nourished, even though it's usually dry during this time of the year (with the colder weather).
Overall impression - I like the products. I don't think they 'perfect' your skin, due to the lack of effect on my scars. That being said, they are good value for money and I would buy them again.
Do you have any good/bad experiences with these products?
[Update January 6, 2014: I fully used up the serum, after two months' use. The moisturizer still has some product left.]