03 February, 2014

Rambles: The Early Beauty Days

I think everyone who has a passion for something knows approximately when and how it all began. My passion for all things beauty started, as you can see, early on; this picture dates back to 1995, which means I was 4 years old when it was taken. I have no idea where this is, but apparently I had to do my makeup before getting dressed, which is still the case today - good on you, mini Anouk.
Now, I do believe I have come a long way since my Joker lips, clown nose and purple forehead shadow days - thank God - but I remember 'playing' with my little makeup collection a lot. My mom also had an obsession with dark lip liners, which I tried on many times and ended up looking like I ate way too much Nutella. I was one of those girly girls who played dress-up almost every day, once demanding my mom to make me a maxi dress so I could play the scene in Anastasia where she dances with her father - does anyone remember that scene, it was beautiful. 
In short, I found this picture and thought it would be a cute addition to my blog. I have always loved makeup, and since watching my first ever beauty video on YouTube back in 2009 (thanks, Michelle Phan), that love has only grown. I guess it would've been handier if my passion were slightly cheaper or less space consuming, but hey, you can't choose what you love *coughs*.
Also, what is up with the bruises on my legs? I probably walked into something or tripped over my own feet again. Hooray for clumsy people!