17 March, 2014

Organic Silicium: Beauty From Within

A couple of months ago, my nails were in really bad shape. My aunt suggested trying out organic silicium/silicon, a liquid form of the natural component.
What is silicium?
Our body gets a 'silicium tank' from birth, which empties as we age. Silicium helps make our body strong, resistent and elastic. As our 'tank' runs low, our body gets less strong. This has many consequences we connect to aging: weaker bones, thinner hair, weak nails, less elastic skin... It's not the sole cause of these things, but it is one of them. Silicium supplements slow this process down.
Why do I take it?
Now, you are thinking 'What is she talking about, she's in her twenties!'. I know, I know, but hear me out. I have very thin hair naturally, light and thin bones prone to breaking, and weak nails due to nail polish remover. So I figured trying this was at least worth a shot.
What are the results on me?
You take it each morning before breakfast. After a month you start feeling and seeing results. Of course I cannot speak for the strength of my bones, but the roots of my hair feel thicker and my nails have grown stronger. I am seriously impressed and will continue the experiment.
I know a lot of people oppose to the idea of supplements. I have to admit I was a little sceptic as well. But I tried it out and it seems to be working for me. So if you have problems with thinning hair, hair loss or weak and brittle nails, it might be worth a try.