27 October, 2014

October Favorites 2014

Bye, bye October, you've been really great. (*whispers* It's almost Christmas!!)

Beauty - I've been using Origins Vitazing (€35.00) as a base with MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation (€25.00) on top. Such a beautiful, natural combo. Although you put a powder all over, the glow of the Vitazing still shines through, which gives the most beautiful finish. Absolutely love it.

Book - For the last two years, my aunt and uncle have been telling me to read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Suddenly, the film was in cinemas and I really, really needed to read it - yes, I'm that kind of person. I haven't finished yet (so no spoilers please!), but I am really enjoying it so far. 

Random - I'm really late to join the Sam Smith party and am really sorry about that. For the whole of October, In the Lonely Hour has been my non stop companion to work. What. A. Voice.

What have been your favorites this month?