03 November, 2014

The Review: Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

I have another foundation review for you. This time, it's the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation.

The glass jar has 30ml of product for the average high street price of € 9.00. Pros: luxurious feel. Cons: not travel friendly. Major con: no pump *grunts*. Besides that, it has SPF 20 and comes in 5 shades (I own Shell), with not a good selection for darker skin tones.

It claims to melt into the skin, cover flaws and have buildable coverage. I agree: it evens out the skin, but doesn't cover blemishes? However, it's buildable, so you can layer where you need more coverage.

I use a dense foundation brush to really buff the product into the skin. With some powder added to my T-zone, it stays put for a good 9 hours on me, which is impressive.

Verdict: Yay or Nay?
A definite yay. I have used this every day for a month straight and never had the urge to try out something else, which is saying something for me. If only it came with a pump... *sighs*.

Have you tried out the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation? What do you think?