26 January, 2015

If You Could Only Have Five Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are my weakness. They are sjust the bomb dot com - yes, I said that. In reference to Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup and just because I enjoy to torture my own heart, I asked myself: If you could only own five brushes, which ones would it be? Here's my answer:

1. Real Techniques Powder Brush (€11.00) - My every day powder brush. But it is also perfect for mineral makeup. This picks up the perfect amount so it never looks cakey. (And look how big it is!)

2. Real Techniques Blush Brush (€10.00) - This applies blush and bronzer so fast and dispenses the best amount of product at all times. The tapered shape is perfect to get right into those cheekbones.

3. Real Techniques Buffing Brush (Core Collection €20.00) - Like the rest of the world, I fell for this one. There's nothing like it. The density and shape give you an airbrushed finish every time.

4. Louise Young LY34 (€40.00) - I saw Anna use this beauty and was sold. I think she said it is the 'fingertip brush'; it's like applying foundation with your fingers, only less messy and even faster.  

5. MAC 217 (€25.00) - The solution to all your eye makeup application problems. It packs on product and blends it for you. If you don't have this one yet, run to the store now!

There you have it, my very compact set of brushes. Now, I need to go and give my other brushes some TLC. What are your top 5 brushes?