02 March, 2015

I Am Going To London !!

London is my happy place. The past year has been filled with lots of stress, so I need my happy place stat. I am only going for two days, so my time is very limited. Here is my to do list whilst I'm there.

(For pictures and prices of the mentioned items, you can click on the links to my Wantfeed page.)

A visit to Topshop is vital; I am in desperate need of a new pair of pants and I also spotted nice dresses and tops. COS is also on my radar. Their style is great if you are searching for unique pieces.

Beauty-wise, I don't actually need anything. But hey, I don't live in the UK, so I better make most of it! BootsSelfridges and Kiko are musts. Of course, I'll browse my way through these shops, but I am mostly interested in brands we don't have in Belgium, like Charlotte Tilbury, Jo Malone and NARS.

As our hotel is just around the corner from Borough Market, I am really looking forward to spending our Saturday morning there. My aunt and I are such foodies, so I know we'll thoroughly enjoy that. We are also looking forward to Smack Lobster, which just sounds all kinds of awesome.

I've been to London before, so I don't really need to see tourist-ey things. This excludes St. Paul's Cathedral and the British Museum though. Other than that, we'll just see where the day takes us.  

Do you have any tips or places I need to visit?

P.S.: Next week's post will b about all I did (and bought) on our trip, so make sure to read that!