20 April, 2015

Reading Reveries # 7 : Paper Towns

When I saw the trailer of the adaptation of John Green's Paper Towns, I knew I wanted to read the book first. Not only is his writing style so funny and moving, his characters are memorable and relatable - and who didn't absolutely LOVE TFIOS? In short, I was very excited.

The characters in Paper Towns are very Green-esque: so relatable, real and funny. I adored Quentin, Margo, Ben, Radar and Lacey. They all have their faults, but you love them for each one.

I loved the idea behind the story: you have this one girl, Margo Roth Spiegelman, who is very famed in her high school. Everyone has their own perception of what she is like, but who is the real Margo? The Margo she is when she is by herself in her bedroom?

Green describes it as 'mirrors and windows': we all have this 'mirrored' image of Margo, we mirror her actions and our thoughts of her and we project them towards her. However, if we were to look at her through a 'window' and really try to see her, maybe we would see an entirely different person.

This is such a great thing to think about and something we should try to do in our own lives as well.

As much as the story took hold of me, so much of a let down was the ending. I won't spoil it here, but I think it could've been a bit more lengthy, but maybe that's just me.

Have you read Paper Towns? What are your thoughts?