04 May, 2015

The Master Concealer Brush

Do you apply concealer with your fingers or a brush? I always used my fingers: their warmth blending it in seamlessly. However, now, I prefer a certain little brush. The MAC 130 (€ 40.00) to be exact.

The MAC 130 is described as a "short duo fiber brush", making it perfect for cream products and more precision application of certain powders like blusher, highlighter or even contour. 

The reason I prefer it for concealer, though, is its roundness and quite dense duo fiber brush hairs; these blend in the concealer fast and effectively and give a really natural finish. The brush head is quite small as well and fits the under-eye area perfectly. The brush also washes very easily.

In short, I simply adore this little brush. Have you tried out a brush like the 130 to apply concealer?