22 June, 2015

Reading Reveries # 9 : Summer Reads 2015

During Summer, I prefer to read 'easy' books: books with a lighter topic that don't make me sad or ponder all day long. Here are the books I want to (re)read this Summer:

Tender Is The Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald
This one has been on my list to read. As it is situated in the French Riviera and it is kind of a love story, I think this is great timing. It is set in the 1920's and it's a tragic tale of seduction and marriage and secrets, so basically the perfect Summer read.

The Rain Before It Falls by Jonathan Coe
I adore Coe's novels, What A Carve Up! being my favorite so far. His writing is clever and funny and his novels never cease to amaze and surprise me. This one is about a family secret that is unravelled after someone dies. I expect a lot and will report back for sure.

Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding
I've read this twice, and will never stop laughing and crying along with Bridget. I believe every woman should read this. You will identify with Bridget so much and she wil stay in your heart forever. (I've chosen the first one because Mad About The Boy still breaks me).

What is on your to-read list this Summer? I'd love to get some recommendations!