15 June, 2015

The Review: MAC Patisserie

MAC Patisserie (€ 21.00) is undoubtly one of the most-hyped blogger lipsticks. And, because I am a stubborn person, I never even gave it a chance when I visited my local MAC counter.

Why? I thought it'd be 'too nude' and 'too brown'. And let me tell you, it's none of those. It has actually become my every-day lipstick, just what it is known for. Good job, Anouk.

Patisserie is a Lustre lipstick: it has a slight glossy finish, but with good coverage. Wear-time isn't the best, but that's not what I'm looking for in a neutral lipstick. You can put it on without a mirror, so it is perfect for on the go.

MAC describes it as a 'creamy neutral pink'. I agree. It really is the perfect my lips but better shade. It makes pigmented lips, like mine, look less red and more neutral and it makes less pigmented ones appear more pink and healthy. A win-win for everyone, it appears.

Do you own Patisserie? What are your thoughts?