27 July, 2015

Reading Reveries # 10 : The Rain Before It Falls

Jonathan Coe is definitely one of my favorite contemporary authors. I find his writing style clever and funny without trying too hard, and his story lines are geniously plotted out.

The Rain Before It Falls is no exception. The story follows Gill, whose aunt passed away. She needs to find someone from her aunt's will whom nobody has seen in 20 years. During her search, she gets to know everything about her aunt's life and her family's history.

The story also proves how much of an influence parents or family members can have on a child growing up: how much it can suffer when being neglected or abused, and how much love and kindness is remembered as well. It really makes you think.

It isn't a 'hard' book to read, and the story sucks you in, making it a perfect Summer read.

Have you read anything by Jonathan Coe? What are your thoughts?