13 July, 2015

Wanderings : Athens

Athens is without a doubt one of those cities where you can just feel and see the centuries of history everywhere. The BF and I went the first week of July and soaked up the culture.

We took a little detour first and went to the coastal town Glyfada, which is the "Santa Monica of Athens". We stayed at a gorgeous hotel and relaxed before heading to the city. There are some delicious restaurants and a great beach club, Balux CafĂ©.

Once in Athens, we went to all of the well-known spots: Lykavittos Hill, the Acropolis with its sleek museum, the Ancient Agora and the little streets of Plaka. We also went to Syntagma and spotted Richard Quest from CNN - "I'm Richard Quest, and I mean businessessss!"

The delicious food - how much tzatziki can you eat before you actually drown in it? - and floodings of history make Athens the perfect getaway, and the lovely weathers tops it all off.

If you haven't been to Athens, you should definitely put it on your bucket list!

Until next time, Greece!