12 October, 2015

Going Platinum Blonde

Last week I had an extreme itch to do something different with my hair. After getting a pixie cut two years ago, I was a little bored with the way my hair looked. Being platinum blonde has always been a desire of mine. So I just kind of went for it.

My hair before
I'd say my natural hair is a typical bronde color : not really brown, but not completely blonde either. I'd also never colored it before, mainly because my hair is very fine and sparse and hair dressers often advised me against it.

The process of going platinum
It took a good three hours to bleach my hair (which hurt, unexpectedly!), turn the yellow-ness platinum and cut it. After 30 min of letting the bleach soak in, your hair looks yellow and a purple gel is put on to make it platinum. The gel also cools down your scalp.

Because my hair is light-ish, they only had to bleach once. If your hair is darker, you may have to have multiple bleaching sessions. Though the process clearly isn't the best for your hair, I reckon if you put enough moisture in afterwards, you should be alright.

The aftermat : products and care
Bleaching obviously strips your hair of its natural color, which can make it more dry and prone to breaking. I now wash it every other day with a shampoo for colored hair, and once a week with a dark purple one to maintain the platinum color.

I'm happy with the way it turned out and it has given me an unexpected boost of confidence.