23 May, 2016

A Wussy's Guide To Self Tanning

With my pale skin and tendency to go bright orange instead of tan, I always steered clear from fake tanners. And although I have embraced my porcelain skin a long, long time ago, I do enjoy a bit of glow and color just to take that edge off. I guess you could say the products I will mention below are both fool proof for pale skin (check!) and people who will always mess up their fake tan (double check!).
Face and décolletage - Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning Lotion (€ 38.00)
It's no secret that I swear by this little gem of a product. From about March until October, I use this twice/thrice a week as the last step of my night time skin care routine. I apply it with a cotton pad all over my face and decolletage, being careful to only use whatever is left on the cotton pad on the decolletage. It gives a healthy glow and little tan. And I find myself to always think I look quite good the next morning. 
Legs - L'Oréal Sublime Body Nutribronze (€ 11.99)
For my legs, I like to use something a little more moisturizing. A body milk with a slight, gradual tint is right up my street. I put this on before bed every other day (because I exfoliate my legs every other day as well to prevent ingrown hairs, the tan fades a lot quicker). The gradual tint in these body milks is perfect for my pale limbs and it is very forgiving when you apply it fast or just slap it on as I usually do.

What are your favorite tanning products?