06 June, 2016

FRANKLY BAKES : Favorite Cookbooks

Since the BF and I have been living on our own, I've been experimenting with food left and right. Some of my dishes have been received with continouing mmm's, others... not so much. Cooking has fast become one of my favorite things, and I may have purchased a lovely book  to accompany me every now and then. Here are some of my most-used ones :
Laura In The Kitchen by Laura Vitale (€ 23.00)
I've been following Laura on YouTube for about five years now. Her recipes are always fun, easy to follow and just so yummy. She also doesn't do any fancy techniques; it's just basic good food. This book has some recipes that are on her channel, but also some that are new. I especially love the quick weeknight dinners and the baking recipes.
Everyday Super Food by Jamie Oliver (€ 11.99)
This is the book I grab when I'm feeling like I could use a healthy dose of vitamins. Jamie tries to make everyday dishes with healthy ingredients, which isn't always easy. Sometimes my grocery store doesn't carry all the ingredients, but I love this book for inspiration and for the salad and water mixes sections.
Dagelijkse Kost by Jeroen Meus (€ 35.00)
This book is in Dutch, but I couldn't leave this out, because I use it at least once a week. This book contains basic, classic recipes that are just so delicious and taste like home. For any of my Dutch-speaking readers, this book is such a great investment. You won't regret it!

What are your favorite cookbooks? Any recommendations?