10 November, 2014

Reading Reveries #3: The Cookbook Of Dreams

As I'm slowly ready to leave the nest, all things 'home' are on my radar (and what better excuse to browse Pinterest for ages?). Everyone needs a good cookbook. And boy have I found mine.

Yotam Ottolenghi's Plenty More is a vegetable-based cookbook, the follow-up to Plenty (2010). However, I gravitated more towards Plenty More, because of its categorization by cooking method.

The very original flavor combinations and easy-to-follow recipes really speak to a vegetable lover like me. I can see myself testing and trialling (and probably ruining) the recipes for years to come.

Some I can't wait to try are:
     - slow-cooked chickpeas on toast with poached eggs;
     - taleggio and spinach roulade;
     - ricotta fritters with orange and honey;
     - fig and coat's cheese tart.

Besides the actual recipes, this book has stunning photography and a genius cover, making it the perfect addition to your bookshelf or kitchen cupboard.

Do you have any good cookbook recommendations?