06 April, 2015

The March Roundup

March, you were excellent (mainly due to my short trip to London with my auntie). As per usual, I need to roundup a month to begin a new one - not OCD at all, Anouk.

Beauty - I caved and got two items that were on my list for ages: MAC's Patisserie (21.00) and Jo Malone's Wood Sage & Sea Salt (). Patisserie is so worth the hype; it is the best MLBB shade I have found yet. And as you can read in this post, I fell in love with the perfume the second I smelled it. 

Book - The experience of reading Lisa Genova's Still Alice is... incredible. It is such a thought-provoking and moving book. Read more about it here. I highly recommend it!

Random - Oh my gosh, Anna and Lily's Teenage Throwback Playlist on Spotify is just magnificent. If you are a 90's kid, you will enjoy it immensely. It's over five hours of singing/shouting along to songs you haven't heard in a while. Ge-ni-us!

How was your March?