07 September, 2015

Compact Makeup Collection Project

In lieu of the BF and me moving into our very first place of our own *squeals*, I decided to tone down my makeup collection. I know, I know, crazy stuff! But bear with me...

Although I love makeup, having multiple drawers filled gives me slight anxiety sometimes : "what will I wear today?" "crap, where did I put that product again?" "too much choice!!" etc. So, I got myself a Muji Vanity Case (£22.95)  - the biggest one, obvs, let's not over do things.

The moto is : fill the case orderly, and that's all the makeup you can own. So tough.

Besides the vanity case, I got four fillers : the 1/2 partition, a 1/2 low one and two 1/4 little boxes. This way the vanity case is way more practical for everyday use.

Now for the hard part : deciding what to keep and what to throw / give away.

1. Pull out everything and put it on an even surface (i.e. bed, floor);
2. Organise by terms of use (brushes, mascara, foundations, blushers, etc.);
3. Throw away items that have gone out of date;
4. Put aside items you haven't used in a while (or at all!), to donate;
5. See if what you are left with fits into the case;
(If not, only keep items you know you will use. Be cruel !)

I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed putting on my makeup in the morning. I know where everything is and I am aware of the options I have. It's so much easier and more fun.

(I also recommend the Muji one. It's sturdy, has side pockets and space for brushes. The ones with a mirror are fun, yet the mirror is usually bad, so that's a waste of space imo).