21 September, 2015

Frankly Favors : Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanner

Summer is at its last stretch, and - as always - I am starting to resemble a ghost again. Now, I don't mind being pale, but at a certain point my face starts to look quite unhealthy.

There is only one self-tanning product I trust on my face: Clarins Liquid Bronze (£20.00). And there are multiple reasons why :

- Clarins products never break me out ;
- Being a gradual tan, it doesn't make you go orange ;
- The 'milky' texture makes it sink in quickly ;
- Although it still has the 'self tanner smell', it is only faintly.

I apply this from March until October about once or twice a week, depending on the paleness of my face. The 125 ml bottle will last you a couple of years, so it is worth the splurge. I do only use this on my face, since it is always paler than my neck area.

My application process starts after my evening skin care routine, when I apply this with a cotton pad as the last step of the routine. I then wait about 15 minutes before I go to bed.

Have you tried this product? What is your favorite face tanner?