28 September, 2015

Fall / Winter Reading List

It's that time of the year again when blankets, tea and your sofa are more attractive than being outside and socialize. I don't mind, because I love curling up under a blanket and reading a book. I've actually compiled a little list of the books I want to read the next couple of months.

Looking for Alaska - John Green (Young Adult, Fiction)

I loved TFIOS, but didn't really care for Paper Towns. I hope this will rekindle my love for John Green. The book describes things before an event, and after the event. I'm already dying to know what "the event" is. So very clever, John.

First Bad Man - Miranda July (Contemporary Lit, Fiction, Romance) 

This was a recommendation from Estée Lalonde and Aslan. To be honest, anything Aslan recommends, I will give a go. It's hard to explain what the book is about (you can read the synopsis via the link), but it sounds promising; I expect a very original writing style as well.

House of Sleep - Jonathan Coe (Contemporary Lit, Fiction, Psychology)

I don't think Coe could ever disappoint me. His books always drag me in and keep me on my toes. This is about a group of people whose stories are intertwined by a shared college history and sleeping disorders. Coe always shows the best and worst of humans. I love that.

Disclaimer - Renée Knight (Fiction, Suspense)

This one's story line is so original. It's about a woman who is reading a novel, only to find out it is the story about a terrible secret only she knows. The whole 'disclaimer' page of the novel is crossed out as well. I'm already getting goose bumps just thinking about this.

What's on your to-read list for Fall / Winter?